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To Designer Milieu 

Elevate your event with Atlanta's premier Silk Faux Floral Rental Company. We specialize in transforming your occasions into unforgettable experiences with our stunning flower walls, captivating neon signs, enchanting photo booths, and exquisite floral arches. Let us bring your vision to life with the timeless beauty of silk faux florals.

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always a hit

It was a HIT! This is what we always hear about our Flower Walls. I mean lets be real, in todays world who doesn't love photos with an amazing backdrop?! We have 11 flower walls that will surely add to the fun. And most-likely be the highlight of the night!
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Rose Floral Arch Rental

Five Star Experience 

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" TOP TIER!!! We had the bliss flower wall for my daughter’s graduation party and it was EVERYTHING 🔥if you want the best book the best! "


Flower Wall Inspo

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